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You'll be able to memorize 2700 Mandarin Chinese vocabulary with a combination of phrases composed of two or more words.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will be able to learn the basic vocabulary that is necessary for daily life
  • You will be able to learn vocabulary required to pass HSK level 1 to level 4
  • You will be able to learn the appropriate way to use the words in conversation

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Learn Words with Phrases

    Do you have a hard time memorizing Chinese words?

    When you memorize words as a piece of a phrase like "verb + noun" instead of memorizing word by word, the words will definitely be stored in your memory.  

    In this course, you will be able to efficiently learn 2,703 words (beginning HSK to lower-intermediate level) with a combination of phrases composed of two or more words. 

    Learning Methods

    In this course, you will learn 2,703 words through 89 units. You will learn 25 to 40 words every unit.

    The learning flow of each unit is as follows:

    [Step 1] Learn words

    Each word will be displayed in order of English to Chinese, and audio will follow at the same time. You will repeatedly practice the word until you can say the word in Chinese as soon as you see it in English. 

    [Step 2] Memorize the words you learned through phrases

    Now, the words you learned in Step 1 will be shown in the form of phrases. 

    For example, you will memorize the words “看 kàn (watch)” and “电视 diànshì (television)” through the phrase, “看电视 kàn diànshì (watch television)”.

    By memorizing the words as a phrase, each word will remain in your head.

    About the Included Vocabulary

    In this course, you will learn 2,703 common Chinese words. The included vocabulary is selected by the following standards.

    (1) All common vocabulary from HSK level 1 to level 4

    (2) About half of the HSK common vocabulary from level 5

    (3) In addition to the above, vocabulary that is often used in daily life

    Note: If the same word appears with a different meaning or use, it is counted as different word.

    Review at Your Own Pace with a PDF Textbook

    The course also comes with a textbook in PDF format, so you can review each phrase at your own pace.


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