1.5 hours







Jason Lawrence

Learning guitar doesn't have to be difficult! Tons of songs use the same 4 chords. Master them and start playing today!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Play thousands of songs by learning 4 easy chords!
  • Learn the powerful Rule of 80/20 and how to apply it to the guitar.

    Skills you will learn

    C# programming, C++ programming, Concentration, Music

    About this course

    Have you always wanted to play guitar but felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Did you know that learning 4 easy chords can allow you to play thousands of songs? It's true! So many popular songs out there use the same chords over and over again. The goal of this course is to focus in on these chords and start playing songs you love as fast as possible!

    Here's what you'll learn in this course:

    • The powerful Rule of 80/20 - it works in music and in life!
    • The essentials (the 20%) of getting to know your guitar
    • Learn how to read a chord chart and tune your guitar
    • The four chords (G, C, D and Em) - allowing you play thousands of songs
    • The benefits of using these 4 chords along with a guitar capo
    • Bonus embellishments you can use with these four chords to elevate your playing!
    • Practice the four chords with popular songs!

    Are you ready to learn guitar and start playing songs as quickly as possible ? Join our class today!


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