1 hour







Rashmi K

Geethe/Geetam - Vocal lessons for kids and adults who possess basic knowledge in Carnatic music

Expected learning & outcomes

  • At the end of the course, you will be able to sing songs in raaga other than the one thought in basic lessons
  • Will be comfortable in singing with proper shruthi and taala
  • Will understand the swarasthanas and variations used in Carnatic music
  • Will be able to take up further levels at ease

    Skills you will learn

    Music, Singing

    About this course

    1. This course is designed to enhance your knowledge on Carnatic music further after basic lessons. 
    2. This is an intermediate level course and is recommended that students should have completed basic lessons in Carnatic music before enrolling to this course. 
    3. Jargons and concepts used in this course needs familiarity to the subject. 
    4. This course is suitable for both kids and adults as complexity involved in Carnatic music is explained in the simplest manner. 
    5. Both theory and practical learning are included in the lectures.


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