1 hour







Jay Carroll

Unlock the Value of Big Data and Improve Your Own Earning Potential!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Setup and configure your own Tableau software development environment
  • Connect Tableau to your data file
  • Become familiar with the terminology used in the tool
  • Create your own data visualizations using a variety of chart type
  • Publish these data visualizations into a dashboard available on the web
  • Find hidden value in your data!

    Skills you will learn

    Big Data, Data visualization, Development, Software Development, Tableau

    About this course

    Learn Data Visualization with Tableau 9.1 is an introductory course that will enable you to do the following:

    1. Prepare your data for Tableau visualization development;
    2. Deliver a data-driven dashboard using Tableau; and
    3. Expand your skills, make yourself more valuable, and earn more money!

    A real-world case study will be used to further illustrate the concepts of Tableau and to provide a foundation for our learning objectives.


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