2 hours






The ABCs of the Korean Language

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn all the vowels and consonants of the Korean language
  • How to read, write, listen, and pronounce Korean characters
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • How to type in Korean using a Korean keyboard

    Skills you will learn

    Grammar, Teaching

    About this course

    If you have been wanting to learn Korean but you have no idea where to start from or how to start, this course is the PERFECT place to begin with.

    I believe that if one is serious about learning ANY language, he or she should always start from the basics and learning Hangul is the perfect starting point for any Korean learner.

    With proper knowledge of Hangul,

    1) Learning new grammar and vocabulary will be made easier (a lot of online learning resources are written in Hangul)

    2) Your pronunciation will be more accurate sounding to the native Koreans

    3) You can chat with other Koreans using their native language (Koreans can't really read romanization)

    4) You will be able to read captions that appear on Korean variety shows (best reason ever)

    This course was designed to cater to complete beginners of the Korean language. Content in this lecture has also been arranged to make learning easy, progressive, and logical.

    I look forward to teaching you this beautiful language.


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