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Dan Castro

Learn how to DJ using Traktor Pro in 2014 & be 'gig ready' in no time at all - taught by top Pro tour DJs.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Over 1 hour or HD video content by a well-known international DJ
  • To easily be able to navigate around Traktor 2
  • Some top tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else
  • How to perform your first mix easily
  • The best Traktor 2 DJ controllers to take your DJing to the next level

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Traktor 2 is arguably the ultimate DJ software to learn how to DJ. The great thing being, for this amazing tutorial series all you will need is:

    1) A copy of Traktor 2 (even the demo version will be cool for this)

    2) Some speakers or headphones

    3) A laptop, tablet or desktop

    4) An internet connection

    ...and in seconds you can be taking this incredibly extensive course which covers a whopping 2 hours of HD video tutorials and will easily take you from beginner DJ to 'gig ready' in a matter of weeks.

    Even if you are a seasoned veteran and wish to expand your skill set, you will still benefit greatly from the course. The course does not mess around like many others - it gets straight to the point in an easy to understand manner, unlike other DJ courses.

    Check out Ultimate DJ Academy for more video tutorials.

    Here is everything you will learn during this Traktor 2 course..

    • An essential 'over the shoulder' introduction and overview on how Traktor 2 works
    • An in-depth review of the top Traktor DJ Controllers of 2014
    • How to use the Traktor decks and mixer in just a few steps
    • How to create beat grids to automatically 'sync' your track for easy mixing
    • Properly organizing your tracks so you can find anything in seconds
    • How to easily loop in Traktor Pro 2 (Including some top secret tips)
    • Setting cue points and recalling them easily each and every time
    • Using FX in Traktor Pro 2 to maximize your DJ sets
    • How to perform a DJ mix in Traktor Pro 2 easily and seamlessly
    • How to record your DJ sets so you can listen back to them

    Enjoy the course and feel free to message me with any questions you may have.


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