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A Hands on Approach to Android App Development for Professionals

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn Professional Android App Development
  • Understand the product development lifecylcle
  • Master the use of Parse API
  • Create a step by step Photo sharing App

    Skills you will learn

    Android, APIs, Debugging, Development, Product Development, Professional

    About this course

    Learn to build a commercial app in Android like a pro. This course is for anyone who wants to take their Android knowledge and start using it to build real products. This short and no nonsense course will need you attention and effort to complete and will test your ability as a programmer but if you push on you will be a better app developer by the end of it. This course focuses on the following core aspects

    Professional Android Setup

    Class Design and Logic Flow

    Incremental App Development

    Using External APIs

    Code Review and Version Control

    Code cleanup and debugging

    You will learn all this and much more while building a full fledged photo sharing app. You will also get access to royalty free source code to use for your own projects. So gear up and get stated..


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