36 mins



Any Level




Indeana Underhill

A progressive guide from beginner to advanced on how to choose your next lens.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Pick up a lens and know exactly what it will do to their images
  • Compare and contrast the differences between lenses
  • Be able to choose a lens that gives them a desired effect, tailored to their own style

    Skills you will learn

    Concentration, Lenses, Photography

    About this course

    This class was made to help you purchase and use the right lenses for your own personal photography. What decisions go into choosing the right focal length for your image? How does compression and distortion work and on what is it most apparent? What lenses are a must-have in your bag that will help you tell your own story correctly?

    These are the questions that you will start to answer in this class. It will focus on doing comparisons between different focal lengths with the same subject, give tips for purchasing lenses and a starter guide for specific genres of photography. Learning about lenses and their relative focal lengths will bring a whole new perspective to your photographic style. You will begin to be able to breakdown your favourite images and think about why your favourite photographer's used that lens versus the other.  

    Be creative, daring and take great photos, with a whole new understanding of how and why.


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