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Shikhar Verma

Skills you will learn

Editing, Hardware, Linux

About this course

1. Introduction
2. Components of an LVS Cluster

    2.1. pulse
    2.2. lvs
    2.3. nanny
    2.4. /etc/
    2.5. piranha
    2.6. ipvsadm

3. Background of the LVS Cluster
4. Hardware/Network Requirements

    4.1. LVS Routers
    4.2. Real Servers

5. LVS Router Prerequisites
6. Cluster Node Interconnection Prerequisites
7. Installing the Software
8. Configuring an LVS Cluster

    8.1. Editing the Configuration File
    8.2. Using the Piranha Configuration Tool

        8.2.1. Controls/Monitoring Tab
        8.2.2. Global Settings Tab
        8.2.3. Redundancy Tab
        8.2.4. Virtual Servers
        8.2.5. Real Servers


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