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Logic Audio Ideas

How to retreive your old clips and today's clips

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Practice and connect your materials

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Media, Operating Systems, Recording, Teaching

About this course


Logic Audio Ideas is founded on August 2015 in Houston, Texas USA. . Logic Audio Ideas slogan is “Lessons come First.” We are teaching people how to retrieve your media from the past. If you want today’s one then I have that too. I Steven have over 10 years of experience in retrieving tapes, videotapes, cds and more. I want this name “Logic Audio Ideas” to attract user because we are bringing in the good times in the past, now, and future. There will be offering starting from my examples what i done in the past.

Let me give you my story in my practice.


Nobody may know how my practice was going back between 2001 and 2002. I did my first practice in my logic audio ideas. The first one on top may not be exactly the one I had, but I little new and the brand is Optimus Boom Box. I had this before, but later I thought about and it didn’t work. But these ideas can work on any operating systems in Microsoft and Macintosh. The computer was on Windows 3.11, the early audio recorder software is Acer rack. Acer rack was one of the software uses to connect from your stereo, tape player, and more. I had the Boom Box and the L/R cable. I tried it and it didn’t work. I select it on Aux, microphone, line in, and more in the recording side. I hold one of the L/R cable into the microphone after leaving the sound on to test out. The bottom line why it don’t work because the L/R cable is the wrong thing to connect. In 2003, I tried it again in the Compaq Computer but like the same thing. If I had the Macintosh with the L/R connect before then is going to be working. But I’m so stuck with Microsoft. I really quit and never tried it again with the same ideas with the L/R cable. By 2005, I come back to my logic audio ideas. Introducing the A/V cable. I used the same stereo and the same Compaq computer but am upgraded to Windows 98. I connect the Yellow and black wire to the stereo at the back and the tip to the microphone. I open up the sound recorder and the volume control. For the Volume Control, switch to recording control. Select Microphone and bring the range a little bit to hear after done recording. When I’m ready I click on record in the sound recorder and test it if it works. When it is tested, the sound started to work, because like the headphone it has to be connecting to a certain side. I test couple if clips from the stereo and saved them too. Now, I’m ready to go on with my own business. In September or October of 2005, I only had my portable tape player to test it out. My ideas are to connect to use the A/V cable is connect it to the computer. But, guess with my missing, audio splitter. When I left the house and go to the store, I was looking at some new connection to be connect to the computer. I found one; it is called the Audio Splitter. The audio splitter can be used for A/V cable and L/R cable. For the A/V cable is simple. Connect it to the portable tape player with your splitter. For the L/R cable, you can’t connect it with your tape player, but you can use it with your stereo receiver, instead. That’s the new ideas. Try it is going to be fun for yourself and others. Within the little that I show you, I download up new audio recorder software. It is “super audio recorder”. This software is used to record clips from your stereo, LP, tape player and more. The 1st time I recorded a clip for more than 1 minute and didn’t let me save it on an Mp3 because my computer didn’t see that it takes Mp3 clips. I have to download

to audio converter.

The audio converter is used to convert from *.wav to *.mp3 or *.wma. The longest clips and record the more size like 50MB and more and going to go. I saved it all anyway at *.wav and then convert them to *.Mp3. The Mp3 is less low as like 2MB.


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