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This LTE Fundamentals training covers the important concepts of 4G LTE Networks by Expert trainer for LTE Wireless

Expected learning & outcomes

  • This course will incorporate necessary 4G LTE Job skills needed in Mobile Wireless Industry
  • Understand LTE Wireless Communication Networks

    Skills you will learn

    Architecture, Communication, Networks, Training

    About this course

    4G LTE Technology is the fourth generation of cellular mobile communications. Its an evolution from 1G,2G,3G systems and precedes the upcoming 5G i.e 5th generation of wireless networks. LTE 4G is currently the major technology used worldwide and provides significant benefits in terms of speed over the previous mobile technologies.

    This LTE Fundamentals training covers the important concepts of LTE Networks. The course starts from the basics of LTE, then moves towards important concepts like Network Architecture of EUTRAN, EPC, Bearers, Interfaces, Evolution, Lifecycle UE, RAN Overview, OFDMA, LTE TDD vs FDD, Multiple Antenna Techniques, Channels and LTE Protocols, LTE Call Flow, EPC overview, UE Categories and then moves to advanced topics like LTE-A, CoMP in LTE Advanced.

    TELCOMA has been providing Telecom Trainings since 2009. Our expert trainer for LTE Wireless has significant practical experience in 4g Technology and we are always available to reply to your questions on any LTE topic. By doing this 4g Network Training you will get comprehensive knowledge which would help you to adapt to 4G Networks. You can easily find a Job, Switch Careers and Get a Raise for all the skills have just learnt. 

    LTE Certification is included in the course which will be the proof of the new skills you own.


    This LTE Fundamentals Training Course come with Lifetime access so you can enjoy the updates to this course without paying anything extra.  You will also get a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee by Purchasing this course now. You are eligible for a full refund on this training within 30 days from purchase.

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