2 hours



Any Level




Supriyo Kundu

Learn how to mask Women Hair by doing 5 Varying Projects step by step .

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will find the Best Solution and Technique of Masking
  • Your Masking Skill will jump to Advanced Level
  • You will be able to Mask Women Hair Confidently
  • Learn By Doing 5 Varying Projects Step By Step

    Skills you will learn

    Adobe Photoshop, Confidence, Photoshop

    About this course

    ============== REVIEWS ==============

    Awesome Course .

    Learnt a lot about Masking. Thanks Supriyo . Will surely recommend this course to friends :)

    Very Clear Explanation

    Very Nice ,Clear and Detailed Explanation .

    Really the best technique

    Supriyo Teaches the best technique for masking women hair . It really helps in masking very detailed images.

    ============== DESCRIPTION ==============

    Do you Find it Really Hard in Masking Women Hair ?
    Are you searching for the best technique of Masking ?
    Do you want to take your masking skill to advanced level ?

    if answer to any of these question is yes , then this course is for you.

    In this course , you will learn the best techniques for masking women hair.

    Learn by doing 5 Varying Projects Step by step

    We will start with the techniques that we will use through out the course .

    Then we will start doing projects .
    First , we will mask hair of a woman on white background.
    Even though its white background , it has lots of hair details .

    Then we will proceed to the next project , where we will mask woman with short hair with many details in it .

    Next we will mask blonde hair on Light Background and I will show you how to handle these kind of projects .

    Next we will mask woman who has Spreaded hair and also the hair is blurred in some position . So , here also , I will show u how to handle this project .

    Next we will mask dark hair on dark background and also the background has varying colours.

    So we will start with basics and we will proceed to advanced level step by step.

    You have will have 30 days money back guarantee .
    if you dont like the course , you will get 100% refund with no questions asked.

    But believe me you will enjoy the course and also you will learn aswesome stuffs .
    So Enroll in this course and boost up your confidence in masking women hair.


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