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Tissione Parmar

The Art of Intuitive Massage

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Tap into your intuition to give the best massages
  • Learn the secrets to massages which make you better than the professionals
  • Learn how to make your own massage oils and music soundtrack
  • Be confident with massaging another body
  • Learn the internal states of mind which help give incredible massages

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Confidence, Kinesiology, Lecturing, Music, Presentation, Presentation skills, Professional, Speaking Clearly, Video, Yoga

    About this course

    “The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor”  — Bill O'Brien 

    In today's modern culture we live in contexts where many suffer from a lack of connection, intimacy and touch.

    On a planet of 7 billion humans we are more disconnected than ever.

    As the same time, the ancient art of massage has existed for thousands of years, not only through specific massage traditions but also in our DNA.

    We as human beings, have an extraordinary innate and intuitive knowledge and understanding of the body. We know how to cause pain and we know to create pleasure. 

    This course is about learning how to move past our insecurities and lack of confidence when it comes to massage and unravelling our natural wisdom when it comes to the body.

    Of course skill and theory are important but this course is not about that. It is about connecting to yourself as a foundation of connecting with others, about using your own body to understand massage on a deeper level. How to deconstruct our limiting ideas about massage and to look at massage culture as a whole.

    Fundamentally this course is not just about learning how to give pleasure but it has a deeper social emphasis of moving from a culture of stress and disconnection to a culture of intimacy, friendship, community and love. Massage is one of the most powerful ways to do this.

    I hope you enjoy this course <3


    "I loved this course! I found the approach so unique and intuitive, as well as simple to follow. Tissione is a natural teacher - his voice is soothing and calm, his words articulate, and his message empowering and encouraging. I feel much more confident in how I massage as a result of this course."

    Deborah Newton, Lawyer, United Kingdom

    "This course is very useful even for someone who works professionally with massage, like me. The lessons are taught in a very simple and accessible way and are very deep! It changed completely how I work and now I get a completely different experiences and results. This course taught me important principles about how to humanize my work, not letting it become automatic and numb". 

    Raphaela Simoes, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor, Brazil

    "I feel like I've just saved myself a year of time, and a tonne of money. Highly recommend this if you want to learn about massage but don't know where to start."

    Niall McKeever, Athlete, Ireland

    "An amazing course! I am not aiming to become a professional masseuse, so it was refreshing to bypass any in-detail theory of muscle groups, technique or kinesiology, and actually concentrate on how to give massages to my loved ones that de-stress and feel good! I loved the approach of using meditation and exercises to tune into my own feelings and emotions first to gain a deeper connection to the needs of those that I actually give massages to. Highly recommended!"

    Kaisu Koskela, PhD Student, Finland

    Course Summary:

    There is no need to:

    - Pay for long massages courses which are often super expensive

    - Learn lots of complicated theory and concepts

    - Collect certificate after certificate in order to be 'qualified' to touch another body.

    The purpose of this course is to help you:

    1 - Learn the core massage secrets which other courses leave out

    2 - Avoid learning unnecessary theory and learn the essentials

    2 - Be more connected to your body and less stressed 

    3 - Share more intimacy with your loved ones

    In this course you will learn simple, effective and counter-intuitive ways to learn massage, which will help you to upgrade your massage skills.

    There are a combination of videos which outline the basic principles and simple exercises to practice at home.

    The course is short and simple and can be easily integrated to other massage teachings as well as being more than enough to set you on your way to becoming a pro.

    Course video content uses a clear audio and screen-cast presentation style so that the course is easy to follow and beautiful to look at. 

    About The Teacher

    Hi I'm Tissione, and welcome to the course!

    I created this course because most people in modern society are stressed and in need of genuine connection and touch.

    However, I feel frustrated that learning massage is often unnecessarily complicated, costly and time consuming

    But it doesn't have to be that way. My purpose with this course is to show anyone how they can learn quickly and easily what I've spent the past fifteen years working on.

    Since a young age I found I had a natural sensitivity and intuition for massage, starting to massage members of my family from as young as 6 years old. 

    I decided to develop my skills further by learning from various courses, books and teachers, but almost all of them were missing the crucial elements which came naturally to me. 

    After received hundreds of massages from around the world, I can tell what separates the best massages from the average ones. 

    I will show you how anyone can reconnect with this natural sensitivity to the body.

    For the past 5 years I have spent significant amount of time in Thailand learning about the mind as well as the body, being trained to lead meditation by Buddhist monks, which gave me a deeper understanding of stress and the body.

    So this course also integrates the importance of the mind when it comes to massage and the 'internal' states necessary to give incredible and transformational massages. Counter-intuitively, massage hacking is not about learning special techniques and theories - it's about connecting deeply with yourself first

    I look forward to seeing you in the course!

    Much Love!


    Illustrations by Ena Sadikovic.


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