1.5 hours



Any Level




Tanya Sitthichai

Through authentic self-awareness and self-management, learn to master your influence as a leader or peer.

Expected learning & outcomes

Participants will begin to improve resilience, optimism, creativity, flexibility, self-control, and self-regulation.

Skills you will learn

Concentration, Creativity, Emotional intelligence, Feedback, Self-Control, Self-Management

About this course

No one is really able to influence others unless he or she is able to manage themselves. This program utilizes the personal half of emotional intelligence to build the skills needed to correctly manage actions, words, demeanor, and attitude. The importance of a person’s example and how that impacts others is the primary focus.

This program also reviews how to obtain meaningful feedback about personal behavior and attitudes. Often people do not see some of the very behavior that is most destructive to the working environment. From the feedback, participants begin to improve resilience, optimism, creativity, flexibility, self-control, and self-regulation. The importance of consistency in behavior and attitude are also covered.