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Abhishek Singh

Learn and master the art of doing lighting design of your home or office like a professional lighting designer

Expected learning & outcomes

By the end of this course, you will master the Internal and External lighting design of a big house/Villa starting from just a 2D layout.

Skills you will learn

Arts, Lighting, Professional, Reporting, Research

About this course

It is believed that among the ancient civilizations, Egyptians were the first civilization to introduce the aspect of Interior design in their day to day lives.

And all through the course of civilizations, Interior design was a subject of profound interest in many civilizations, like the Indian Vaastu Shastra and the Chinese Feng Shui.

Plenty of Scientific research have also shown that when a person is surrounded by good interior design, he can live a much happy and productive life.

There are many elements to a good interior design, but there is one major element without which none of the other elements can bring its qualities to the fore, and that is Lighting.

And in this course, I will cover this element or the lighting aspect of the interior design.

Below is an outline of what i am going to teach you in a step by step process in this course.

I will teach you

·         How to read and understand architectural drawings

·         How to use the tools required for your lighting design project, which is dialux evo

·         How to construct individual floors, basements, balconies and roof tops

·         How to add internal and external materials & textures to your floors

·         How to add furniture and objects to your floor designs

·         How to use the lighting design principles and lighting standards like IESNA, CIE to determine the lux/foot candles level of a particular task area

·         How to choose and add light fixtures into dialux evo, keeping the lighting standards of the task area in mind

·         How to run lighting calculations, as per your customized needs

·         How to document your calculations and results, and export them as reports, which are meant to be sent to vendors or clients.

·         How to create beautiful ray trace renders of your finished projects after lighting calculations.

And once you are through all these steps, you will be able to do the lighting design of your home or office like a professional lighting designer.

So join me along to add the skill of lighting design in your arsenal.


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