31 mins







Joel Berg

Take a production shot from start to finish. Learn to burn a falling object in Maya Fume FX 4, and render it in Arnold.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Take a production shot from start to finish, from simulating the explosion to rendering and compositing
  • Create a burning an object crashing to the ground with Fume FX 4 and Maya
  • Render in Arnold
  • Composite a"slapcomp" quickly in Nuke

    Skills you will learn

    Autodesk Maya, Production management, Rendering

    About this course

    This course is designed to take any shot in production from start to finish. A useful pipeline of taking any geometry, making it suitable for simulation, creating the shot, rendering it, and finally putting it together quickly in a compositing package. This course is designed to teach you the method of creating any effect so you can create your own setups and effects.


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