4 hours







Team Hovatek

A solid foundation in fixing software issues on Mediatek Smartphones, Feature phones, Smartwatches and Tablets .

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Identify Mediatek devices while in working or bricked state
  • Identify various Mediatek firmware formats and how to flash them
  • Install Mediatek drivers for flashing
  • Backup Mediatek firmware
  • Flash Mediatek firmware
  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP)
  • Fix NVRAM issues (null IMEI, unknown Baseband, invalid WiFi & Bluetooth address, 2G network only etc
  • Root most Mediatek Android devices
  • Easily port TWRP custom recovery for Mediatek devices
  • Deal with DM_Verity when flashing custom recovery
  • Flash & Unlock MTK Feature / Basic phones
  • Deal with Secure Boot MTK devices
  • Flash Mediatek smartwatches
  • Fix null IMEI on Mediatek Smartwatches
  • Boot into recovery, factory, safe and fastboot modes
  • Unlock an Android device's Bootloader
  • Flash files via fastboot
  • Bypass Privacy Protection Password
  • Setup NCK Pro box & Infinity Chinese Miracle II (CM2) dongle
  • Use hardware boxes / dongles like Miracle box, Infinity CM2, NCK Pro box, GSM Aladdin etc
  • Bypass pattern & PIN lock

    About this course

    Whether you're a novice looking to start a device repair outfit or trying to save money by learning to fix your own Mediatek device issues, this course is exactly what you need to build a solid foundation.

    This course assumes you have no prior knowledge; therefore, it starts from the ABC of Mediatek software repairs with practical examples and scenarios.