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Digital Music Masters

Tomas George

Join Successful Music Production + Logic Pro X students in Creating, Recording, Mixing Music + Mastering in Logic Pro X

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to set-up and navigate around Logic Pro X so you can learn to use this amazing piece of softare
  • Import and search Apple Loops to easily help you create you own music
  • Be able to record and edit MIDI Information easily and Quickly in Logic Pro X
  • Record your own audio in Logic Pro X
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in Music Production which other Logic Pro X users make
  • Understand mixing and mastering to help you make your songs sound professional
  • Learn how to build your own track from nothing
  • Improve your general skills in Music Production

    Skills you will learn

    Automation, Book Writing, Composition, Mergers & Acquisitions, Music, Operating Systems, Production management, Professional, Recording, Swift, Video, Writing

    About this course

    Start Creating and Producing Music with Logic Pro X!

    This course is all about Music Production in Logic Pro X, which is a software for music composition and production for OS X

    With over 30-hours of video, this music course is JAM PACKED with information to help you learn Logic Pro X and help you improve at Music Production

    Logic Pro X is the leading Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users and it's used across professional studios and bedrooms worldwide. Learning how to use your DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it


    If you are looking for a course that will show you Music Production in Logic Pro X then this is the course for you!

    What makes me qualified to teach you?

    I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Composition and I'm the creator of some of Udemy’s most popular music production courses including Best Seller Music Production In Ableton Live 10 - The Complete Course and the Top Rated Music Theory for Electronic Producers - The Complete Course!

    Quick efficient, to the point. Solid information fed fast. Good work! - Mark Chaudhary

    This is an amazing course that provided much needed clarification on what production is all about. The instructions were clear and Tomas is very engaging. Thank you - Catherine Pernot

    Tomas was clear and concise, really useful information for me to write down before I buy Logic Pro X so now I feel a lot less intimidated when opening logic for the first time tomorrow - Simon Barton-Chapple 

    Very clear and concise, exactly what I was looking for. I also appreciate that I can watch things being done while they're being explained. - Nikki Glenn

    My Promise to You

    I'm a full-time Music Producer and Educator. If you have any questions about the content or composing or producing in general, I will always be responsive to questions and direct messages

    NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X and a Apple Mac to use it 

    What is this Logic Pro X Course all about?

    In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Logic Pro X and how to use it to create your own music. You'll learn the beauty and the power of this software that's used by professional producers today

    This course will cover such topics as: 

    • Setting up Logic Pro X,

    • Making music with Apple loops.

    • Making music with MIDI and software instruments,

    • How to write your own Beats in Logic Pro X

    • Learn how to use Different Synths and Samplers, such as Alchemy, Ultrabeat, Sculpture, Retro Synth, ES2 and the ESX24

    • Flex time and Pitch

    • How to use the Drummer to help you quickly write drum parts

    • Recording audio

    • The Best Free 3rd Party Plugins and how to use them

    Behind the Scenes Vocal Recording Workshops

    • Interviews with music industry professionals,

    • and much more.

    This course also includes UK English closed caption subtitles for every lecture. This is to help you learn easier if English is not your first language so you are able follow the text along with the my voice.

    We'll take a deep dive into mixing such as: 

    Using Automation, Channel EQ, Compression, Space Designer Reverb, Using Aux Sends and Groups, Delay Designer, Echo, Amp Designer, Pedalboard, Modulation Plugins, Flex Time, Flex Pitch (new to Logic Pro X) and Bouncing. 

    This course also includes new Logic Pro 10.4 update videos for anyone that's updated Logic Pro to 10.4

    Finally, you'll learn the foundations of how to master your own track.

    What you'll learn in this course will make you a better music producer, and improve your song-writing abilities in Logic Pro X and all other Digital Audio Workstations!

    Learn to love Logic Pro X and make music with it. 

    Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




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