43 mins



Any Level




Rebecca Vertucci

Get the Best Salary Offer Before Saying YES to Your Dream Job! Learn from a LinkedIn & Recruiting Expert!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Negotiate strong offers for any job
  • Be competitive in today's Candidate-Driven Market
  • Feel confident before saying "yes" to a job offer

    Skills you will learn

    Asking Questions, Compensation, LinkedIn

    About this course

    Did you know that half of people being offered jobs are not asking questions and negotiated salary at the time of offer? Why? Because we’re either afraid to ask or don’t know how to. In this class you’ll learn what questions to ask and how to negotiate when you’re offered your dream job. Asking for what you need affects your entire time at that job, not just the beginning. By taking this class, you’ll have the tools and resources to reap the benefits at your next job offer!


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