41 mins



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Eric Byrd

Discover simple ways to comfortably end a conversation with boring, pushy, or aggressive people when you're networking.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • After this course you will have at least 4 ways to gracefully and professionally end any conversation.
  • After this course you will be ready to deal with any conversation at a business function that becomes awkward.
  • After this course you will be able to maximize what you get out of business functions.
  • After this course you will stop wasting time in conversations that just need to end.
  • After this course you will be able to confidently remove yourself from uncomfortable conversations.
  • After this course you will be able to use the "buddy system" effectively at business events.
  • After this course you will be able to stop avoiding the office holiday party for fear of getting trapped in an unwanted conversation.

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Professional

    About this course

    Perfect for introverts who want to network comfortably but are concerned about getting stuck in a conversation. If you've ever gotten trapped in a conversation or been cornered by a pushy person at a work event the you know it can ruin your evening. Now you can learn an easy way to get out of those situations and make going to meetings or other business functions much more productive and less stressful. Networking is important to any professional or business owner. Be prepared for events by learning these time-tested techniques for bringing the conversation to a close and moving on by creating your own personal exit plan. In this course you will learn skills to make it easy and comfortable so you never have to feel trapped again.

    Discover a Simple and Effective Way to End an Uncomfortable Conversation Professionally and Confidently.

    • Master four tried and true exit lines you can use in any situation
    • Create a customized exit plan that feels natural and comfortable for you
    • Find out what to do if you are faced with an aggressive or pushy person
    • Build your confidence and get the respect you deserve at meetings
    • Learn how to stop feeling anxious about attending business functions

    The techniques in this course come from over 30 years of experience attending meetings and networking. The tips are things used by professionals every day to stop people from wasting their time. Learning to get out of a conversation can be even more tricky than getting one started. Feeling trapped by someone who just won't take a hint that you don't want to talk anymore can be incredibly uncomfortable. I developed this course to help my students who have felt "cornered" before and didn't know how to get away from the other person without feeling awkward. 

    One of my clients, Kim, spent 20 years avoiding networking events because she was traumatized in this way. She was able to overcome her aversion and learned these easy to learn techniques... and now she has no fear of meeting people professionally.

    The lessons in this course are broken down so that you will understand not only what to say, but why it can help you. The practice techniques will enable you to be more confident, more quickly. This course will help you take full advantage of professional opportunities to make connections and build relationships to further your career or build your business.


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