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Harness the power of Node.js to build a full-stack, dynamic, server-side web application

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Develop single page applications using Node .js with Angular JS, Ember .js, and Backbone .js
  • Master the Express framework and build a complete site with a real database
  • Create a real-time and fully functional online chat application with Socket .IO
  • Create your own web server and web api’s with node .js
  • Add responsiveness to the Express .js template engine
  • Look beyond web applications and create your own desktop app with Node .js
  • Work with both SQL and NoSQL database engines
  • Prepare a web app ready for production

    Skills you will learn

    Agile, Analysis, AngularJS, APIs, Architecture, Automation, Big Data, C# programming, C++ programming, CISSP, Cloud Computing, Coaching, Concentration, Data Modeling, Development

    About this course

    Node.js, with its strong features and ability to write server- as well as client-side code with JavaScript, has become a popular choice among developers to build powerful web applications. It is the most popular framework to create server-side applications with, be it web, desktop, or mobile.

    This comprehensive 4-in-1 course will guide you through the process of building a web application with Node.js and all the necessary libraries to get your application up and running. This hands-on practical guide to the landscape of Node.js will work with you to build a question-and-answer platform. Explore the latest features of Node.js 6.x by creating dynamic server-side applications. Create three- four complete projects from scratch by implementing various Node.js features. Create real-time data-driven server side applications on your own.

    Contents and Overview

    This training program includes 4 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

    The first course, Learning Node.js, is your one-stop solution to getting started with Node.js. This video will help you get a comprehensive understanding of Node.js, and will also demonstrate how you can use the power of Node.js to create scalable and responsive web apps easily and efficiently. We will start by giving you an overview of Node and setting up an architecture to build web apps. Once the web app is ready, we will extend it by making it more responsive and adding popular plugins to it. You will also learn how to work with SQL and NoSQL databases, and finally will see how to deploy and maintain the application to a production environment.

    The second course, Node.js Projects, is a project based practical guide to create dynamic server-side applications. While building these applications, we’ll employ several other frameworks and you’ll get a solid understanding of how to integrate and use other frameworks in tandem with Node.JS 6.X. You’ll create a data intensive application with MongoDB, use AngularJS to create a front-end application, and utilize Bootstrap to create a truly responsive web app. We will also show you how to use socket frameworks with your Node.js applications.

    The third course, Mastering Node.js, covers building powerful applications from console applications that can assist on your day to day job to scalable network applications. The course will then teach you to use and define streams and transformers, after which you will be skilled to build a web server with Express.js. This will be followed by taking you through how to read, write, and manipulate files in the file system with Node.js. You will even learn how to create micro services with the loopback API framework and Seneca.js, post which we will scale our node.js application and test our code. Finally, you will complete your learning journey by using these APIs to create a web server, access file system, and create real-time interactions. With this course, you will be able to build your own tools, along with big network and real-time applications.

    The fourth course, Hands-on Application Development with Node.js, covers power of Node.js to build a full-stack web application. Throughout this journey, you will work with express.js, query a database with an ORM library in Node.js, and secure your application by implementing an authentication process. With this course, you will be able to create your own web applications in Node.js. The best way to learn something new is to get your hands dirty and try out Node.js together with us. We will give you all you need to create real-world applications with node. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow course is designed to get you up-and-running in a few weeks.

    By the end of the course, you’ll harness the power of Node.js to build a full-stack, dynamic server-side applications web application.

    About the Authors

    • C Y Kanis an expert in system integration and has over 20 years of IT experience, including project management and architectural design in many large-scale local and international projects. He received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Hong Kong and later a Master’s degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, and holds many professional qualifications such as PMP, PRINCE2 Practitioner, PMI-ACP, Scrum Master, CISSP, ITIL, TOGAF9, and SOA Certified Architect. He has expertise and strong interests in software technologies and development methodologies, including enterprise architecture, full-stack JavaScript application development, Service-Oriented Architecture, Java-related technologies, Oracle databases, iOS application development, Scrum, Extreme Programming, agile software development, and various kinds of project management methodologies. He is often invited by the Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter to teach courses about cloud computing, big data, service-oriented architecture, business process management, and agile software development. He is also the author of three other eLearning courses, Cassandra Administration, Rapid Cassandra, Mastering Cassandra, and one imprint book, Cassandra Data Modeling and Analysis. All of them are published by Packt Publishing.

    • Fernando Monteiro is a full-stack engineer, speaker, and open source contributor. He has built and made some of his personal projects open source, such as Responsive Boilerplate, Frontend Boilerplate, Angm-Generator, and TrelloMetrics, written in AngularJS, Node.js, Less, and SASS.

      With around 16 years of experience in information technology, his current focus is on web and mobile JavaScript applications. He has a strong understanding and experience with all phases of the software engineering life cycle, including source control, design, build/release, and automated testing. He has worked as a manager of e-commerce, and a UX designer for various companies and products, including mobile applications. When not programming, Fernando enjoys riding Harley Davidson bikes, making his own beer, and watching movies with his family.

    • JorisHermansis a Senior Software Developer with more than 10 years' experience in programming for the web. He loves to teach, coaching other people about all the great aspects of developing for the web. He has worked for an online directory company creating web applications with more than a million page views a week. You will find him also creating great projects on GitHub. He loves to participate in a lot of discussions regarding the evolution of the web. Following new technology trends is a kind of hobby for him. With a few video courses already in his portfolio, JorisHermans is definitely the kind of teacher you want to go on a new learning adventure with.


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