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Mel Rye

Skills you will learn

Adobe Photoshop, Drawing, Feedback, Graphic Design, HTML, Illustration, Photoshop

About this course


Colour separation is a really effective and popular way of working, particularly in the fields of illustration, graphic design, printmaking and textiles. Being able to easily change, overlap and move or resize coloured sections of a design, whether you plan to finish your work digitally, or take it into a physical print process can transform your design process.

In this class, you will learn how to make a geometric design using simple drawing techniques. You will then scan it (or photograph if you don't have a scanner) and use Photoshop to create a 4 colour separation. You will learn how to change each layer's colours, size and position to create alternative versions of your design. Along the way, you will learn tips in using Photoshop, and the benefits of using a colour separation.

I have tried, tested and refined this class project over several years as part of a larger Printmaking project I have taught. The resulting designs have always had fantastic feedback and reactions in student portfolios when going for interviews, so I hope you'll see the same benefits!

The stages are broken down into step-by-step instructions suitable for all levels, so you don't need to be good at drawing, or have experience of Photoshop to take this class.

To take this class you will need to already have, or be prepared to download Adobe Photoshop. Please click here for a link to download it.


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