1.5 hours



Any Level




Willie Myette

Learn to practice your piano scales

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to practically apply these techniques to quickly use them in your playing
  • Gain a deeper understanding of chords and their usage
  • Learn techniques that the pro’s use to make their playing sound professional
  • Learn music theory and how to use it in your playing
  • Learn how to visualize the keyboard making you a more accurate player
  • Improve your technique, speed and dexterity at your instrument
  • Apply these techniques to piano, keyboard or organ
  • Analyze and solve music theory and chord progressions

    Skills you'll master / acquire / learn

    C# programming, C++ programming, Concentration, Music, Professional

    About this course

    Piano With Willie offers lessons to all skill levels of piano players. Willie uses the Foundational / Fundational approach when creating his lessons. Build upon your technique and polish up your skills with our piano lessons. In this lesson build up your piano technique that will focus your skills with scales. 

    In Piano With Willie Building Technique with Scales Vol. 2 you will learn to build and play the following scales: F Major, D Minor, Bb Major, G Minor, Eb Major, C Minor. 

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