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Liana Furini

Skills you'll master / acquire / learn

Marketing, Organization

About this course


On the internet, anyone can create and share their own content, something that was never possible before. This is irreversible and is actually pretty great! This course is about how a brand can take advantage of the power that the internet users have in a smart, cheap and - most important - real way.

In this class, the students will learn:

  • What is user empowerment and why it is important for the brands to be aware of;
  • What is Consumer Generated Content and how to approach the audiences to get them to get involved with the company/brand/product;
  • Why CGC is important for the company;
  • How to measure the Return on Investment of these marketing efforts;
  • What is a persona and why it is important for the brands;
  • How to create a persona related to the company/brand/product and how to leverage it.

For this class, the student need a little knowledge of marketing, but mainly the student needs to be curious, open-minded and eager to learn.