2.5 hours



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Tyler Cheverie

Enhance your understanding of the tarot and psychic abilities

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to read the tarot psychically for myself, friends, and family
  • The basics of connecting to your own psychic abilities
  • How to read the tarot on a psychic level
  • The secret history of the tarot
  • How to read the tarot professionally for others

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Join world renowned psychic medium Tyler Cheverie as he delves deep into the tarot and reveals to you how you can read the cards from a psychic perspective rather than the traditional understandings. Whether you are a new to the tarot or a professional reader already with a successful practice, Psychic Tarot Made Easy will give you the effective tools in order to enhance not just your readings, but your life as well. In addition, you will be learning the secret history of the tarot and keys to specific cards and energies, which you simply can't find anywhere else at this low cost. 

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    • & more to come!


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