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Barry Moltz

Skills you will learn

Branding, Marketing, Media, Social Media

About this course

Everything I know about sales and marketing for small businesses available at your fingertips
in bite-sized, actionable format, so you can FINALLY get Unstuck, bring in more customers, and make more money.

Lesson 1: Stop Hating Marketing and Sales: Escaping The Double Helix Trap System

Lesson 2: Selling Value instead of Features

Lesson 3: Do They Know Who You Are? Effective Small Business Branding

Lesson 4: Get Found and Be Chosen

Lesson 5: Letting Go of the Customers and Prospects That Hold You Back

Lesson 6: 10 Secrets to Getting Your Email Opened

Lesson 7: Why You Are Wasting Time on Social Media and What Do Instead


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