7 hours







Vishal Saxena

Best course to learn Salesforce Sales / Service Clouds, Process Automation&Data Loader concepts in Lightning Environment

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will be able to use the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and also perform various process automation techniques like Workflows & Process Builder
  • You will also be able to use Salesforce Data Loader to load the data into Salesforce (Insert, Modify, Delete) as well as Extract data from Salesforce.

    Skills you will learn

    Administrative Skills, Automation, Salesforce

    About this course

    This course is designed for beginners in Salesforce who would like to learn Sales & Service clouds of Salesforce (with all configuration), Process Automation & Data Loader in Sales / Service Clouds in Lightning Environment, for basic Admin Concepts please refer to my other course "Salesforce Lightning Administration Tutorial with Hands-On" in Udemy.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. What is Salesforce and Why has it become so popular?

    2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

      1. Topics to be covered in Sales Cloud:

        1. Practical example of Sales process flow in Sales Cloud.

        2. Leads

          1. Import, Mass Delete, Mass Email, Add Leads to Campaign, List Views, Converting Leads.

        3. AccountsContacts

        4. Opportunities

        5. Creating Email Templates / Sending Emails

        6. Price Books

        7. Products

        8. Tasks / Events

        9. Web-to-Lead

        10. Lead Assignment Rules

        11. Lead Queue

        12. Auto Response Rules

        13. Campaigns

    3. Salesforce Service Cloud

      1. Topics to be covered in Service Cloud:

        1. Service Console

        2. Service Setup

        3. Queues

        4. Assignment Rules

        5. Escalation Rules

        6. Auto-Response Rules

        7. Web to Case

        8. Email to Case

        9. Creating / Publish Knowledge Articles

        10. Attach Knowledge Articles to Cases

    4. Process Automation in Salesforce

      1. Workflows / Approval Process in Salesforce

      2. Process Builder in Salesforce

    5. Data Loader - Extracting / Inserting / Modifying / Deleting records in Salesforce.


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