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Disha Sharma

Skills you will learn

Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop, Swift

About this course

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my second class on Skillshare.

The idea of this class came into my mind when I found a very quick and easy way to create a seamless pattern exclusively in Procreate without using any other program like Photoshop. The previous version of Procreate did not have the features for adding grids and guidelines in the canvas due to which designers could find it hard to create a perfect seamless pattern in the app. And they had to use other apps for the same. 

But now with the latest version, we can do so much on this app. This class is for all the procreate users who have some idea about the basic functioning of the app. 

But even if you are a complete beginner, not to worry as I have covered all the essentials that we need to create a basic seamless pattern in this class.

I have divided this class in very small videos to make it easier for you to follow along. If you have any questions , please feel free to ask me in the discussion section. I will make sure to answer each one of them.

So just take your iPad and Apple Pencil and let's start creating some beautiful patterns.

Note: This class is not a basic Procreate class and I have not covered all the basics of Procreate in this class. But I have covered all the essential tools that are required to complete your project. SO even if you are a beginner, you will be able to create your own seamless patterns after taking this class.


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