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David Herzmann

Learn how to rank significantly higher on eBay & optimize your listings with this complete SEO guide of best practices.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Be able to optimize eBay offers within hours
  • Gain crucial knowledge & insights about your own competition
  • Dramatically increase your search position on eBay
  • Increase your traffic and sales by utilizing the latest eBay SEO tricks & techniques
  • Make use of the tools you already have - no extra costs involved
  • Organise your eBay presence for long lasting revenue increase
  • Be able to perform a full eBay SEO check on any sellers account
  • Discover the key factors behind the search engine and how it works
  • Find the most profitable keywords for your business
  • Avoid dangerous SEO myths that might be able to hurt your business

    Skills you will learn

    Algorithms, Analysis, C# programming, C++ programming, Development, E-commerce, Google+, Investments, Marketing, Organization, Profitability, Search Engine Marketing, Teaching, Traffic, Video

    About this course

    If you want to learn about the eBay search engine and are looking to optimize your own or someone else's eBay offers, this course is for you! With the "EBAY SEO: The Easy Ranking Master Guide with Applicable Tips" you will be able to establish, coordinate and manage your marketplace presence for the maximum ranking possible. In this course, you are going to learn about the background of the eBay search engine as well as the current status today and where it is heading in the future. How do the eBay search algorithms work? How can you profit from them and how can you list well? Within this guide, I will cover all relevant aspects of ranking well within the search engine. After the course you will be able to boost your traffic, increase your sales and elevate your revenue to a whole new level! 

    In this course, you will:

    • Learn about the basics of SEO on eBay
    • Identify methods and tricks benefitting your own offers 
    • Reveal shocking truths about ranking misconceptions 
    • Detect opportunities to optimize your own eBay presence
    • Implement tracking methods and helpful tools into your daily business activities
    • Get a step-by-step introduction to eBay selling methods
    • Identify differences between optimized and not optimized offers 
    • Master ways to get new traffic and revenue 
    • Learn about Optimization on Mobile devices
    • Realize the power of utilizing the correct Keywords
    • Understand the pros and cons of SEO services and costs of eBay tools
    • And much more!

    Why learn eBay Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    eBay is one of the oldest and biggest marketplaces out there. With more than 25 million sellers and well over 150 million customers it is only rivaled by the other eCommerce giants namely for example Amazon or Alibaba. There is almost no week without some news of another big step of one of these online marketplaces. As they gain more and more influence and consumer reach, the competition between sellers increases simultaneously as well. Therefore selling via e.g. eBay can be very lucrative but also highly contested - getting harder every year. Between your own marketing efforts and the usual Google SEO and SEM, sellers are also able to optimize their eBay presence with eBay SEO. The current search engine is called "Cassini" and implements a lot of different factors into its search-algorithm, which will be explored and explained within the course. You will find that "eBay SEO" is a surefire way to increase your traffic and income without heavy initial investments.

    You’ll learn to Optimize your own eBay listings by watching AND do it right away

    From the first to the last video, you will gain know-how about the eBay search engine, as well as operative tips & tricks. As an eBay seller, you can implement these optimizing actions directly into your listings. Keep in mind that depending on the size of your business, you will need to distinguish between changes towards all of your listings as well as changes to only some of them. At the end of each section you will get an article summarizing every detail talked about earlier, especially designed to test and reinforce what you’ve learned. 

    An analysis like this can cost you a lot of money if you are working with service partners. And without any help you will never know it is was correct or not what you did on your own. With the "EBAY SEO: The Easy Ranking Master Guide with Applicable Tipsyou will be able to optimize your listings on your own with a guide to look at. And also note that this is a course designed to grow and evolve with the marketplace and you, it's sellers. Therefore:

    "I will update and upload new videos every few weeks, responding to new changes or new ranking criteria on the marketplace."

    Why Learn From Me

    There is always something to learn and optimization can be crucial to the overall performance of an eBay sellers account. However, the eBay SEO landscape is still very underrated and not utilized to it's fullest potential. Even though working yourself through your offerings and gaining ground in the search engine is comparable easy to establish, it is still being treated either not important enough or too much of a nuisance to actually initialize. I have worked as an Google SEO Optimizer before, for other people but for my own company as well. Due to my great results I shifted towards optimizing the web presence of other companies as well. This lead me to expand my knowledge on eBay SEO, in which I specialized over the past few years as well. 

    During my services I ended up teaching the core mechanics of Search Engine Optimization to customers and people who were interested repeatedly. In order to reach a lot of people simultaneously, I am now offering all of my knowledge within this "EBAY SEO: The Easy Ranking Master Guide with Applicable Tips" for eBay sellers and service partners. If you commit the time and effort to master the concepts, strategies and little tricks you will set yourself up for success on eBay and get a feeling for other marketplaces as well. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of my day to day experiences with you and proceed my development as an Instructor on Udemy.

    This is an ongoing course, which I will update with incoming changes! Join me on this journey, and enroll in the course today.

    Who is the target audience?

    • Anyone who is willing to learn about eBay SEO and become an expert in gaining the edge within the ranking system of eBay.
    • This course is a good fit for aspiring retailers on eBay who intend to gain ground and increase their traffic & sales on the platform.
    • This course is best suited for those who already operate on eBay on a daily basis and know how the marketplace works, including the "Seller Cockpit". 
    • People who are interested in hands-on learning and If you are the type of person who likes to outperform your competition, you will love this course.
    • Especially new sellers to eBay or SEO beginners will benefit the most, but long-established sellers might also find quite a few new hints & tricks!


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