2.5 hours



Any Level




Adria Jimenez

Learn how to design a mobile application for the iPhone from the idea to the final design using Sketch 3.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Wireframe an application
  • Design an application
  • Learn about fast design techniques
  • Prototype an app in a fast way
  • Know about human interface guidelines

    Skills you will learn

    Android, iOS, prototyping, Sketch, Swift

    About this course

    Last course update 14th March 2019 go to the end of the course description to see all the updates!

    Join more than 800 students worldwide in this adventure of designing your iPhone application from the idea to the final design in a very fast way.

    This course will teach you step by step how to develop your idea, create a wireframe and design it in a very quick and efficient way that is proven to work in less than a week. Following the course, you will be ready with your app design in less than a week thanks to the tips and tricks that will get you straight to the point without wasting time with useless, time-consuming processes.

    Learn how to design quickly following human interface guidelines and following my method. Be ready to create designs fast and in a very easy way.

    Join the new era of designers and start designing and prototyping fast.

    All lessons come with downloadable resources that you can download and use for extended learning.

    The course includes all you need to know to start designing. Even if you are a novice or an expert you will be able to do this course as you'll have lessons with the basics and the more advance techniques and tips.

    This course is targeted for designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, developers or all kind of people that will like to design an idea of an app or improve a current one in an easy and up to date way.

    The course is focused mainly for iPhone apps but the techniques shown in the course can be applied also for android devices.

    You'll be designing with Sketch but don't worry if you never used it before as you'll find a free course to learn the basics of Sketch and you'll see how fast and easy is to learn and to use it in your daily work.

    Don't lose more time thinking that design is hard and not possible for you. I prove that is not!

    Course updates:

    Updated 14th March 2019 new lessons added

    Updated on 31st July 2018 updated lessons to match the latest changes in Sketch 51

    Updated on 7th April 2018 updated lessons to match the latest changes in Sketch

    Updated on 17th October 2017 new two lessons added

    Updated on 27th September 2017 updated resources for latest version

    Updated on 14th July 2017 new lessons added to reflect the latest changes in software

    Updated on 20th May 2017 updated 2 lessons to reflect latest improvements on Sketch

    Updated on 3rd May 2017 new designs added to speed up your design creations

    Updated on 6th April 2017 some course resources have been updated to reflect the changes from Sketch last update

    Updated on 23rd January 2017 all course resources have been added to a page to make them easier to download

    Updated on 12th January 2017 new lesson added to learn how to share your designs with other team mates or developers

    Updated on 9th December 2016 new bonus lecture added

    Updated on 4th November 2016 added more iOS10 resources

    Updated on 10th September 2016 new lesson about designing with the user in mind

    Updated on 25th August 2016 new app icon template to easily create iOS and Android icons


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