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  • "Brilliant class! " Manoj
  • "Great class and insights, as always!" Devesh
  • "Highly recommend this instructor to anyone interested in teaching on Skillshare! =)" Mikael
  • "Great class!! Very helpful to understand Skillshare algorithm." Mansi
  • "Excellent information and very well delivered. Thank you." Michelle
  • "Wooow, again you nailed it guys, strongly recommended to all skillshare teachers." Azeez


Recently Skillshare changed both the layout of their trending pages, and the trending algorithm itself.

In this class we explain how we think the algorithm changed, and what you need to do to get your classes to trend high. 

We have two previous classes that explain the trending algorithm as it was back in April 2016 and August 2016. Between them those classes have well over 100 positive reviews, so you can take this short class knowing that we'll give you good insights into the most recent changes!

Enroll in this new class today, and give your future classes a better chance to trend high on Skillshare. 



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