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Emily Mottershead

First Aid

Expected learning & outcomes

Know how to administer lifesaving first aid in a emergency

Skills you will learn

AED/CPR Certification, First Aid, Surveys, Training

About this course

The training enables a first-aider to give emergency sports first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while watching, playing or officiating sport.

This Sports First Aid Course will cover all the major injuries and illnesses a person could   come across when taking part in sport.

The syllabus is:


Aims of First Aid

Dealing with an Emergency

What is in a first aid box

Responsibilities of the First Aider

Priorities of Treatment

Primary Survey

Secondary Survey

Recovery Position

CPR Adult, Child, 

Choking Adult, Child

Bleeding and Wounds



Head Injuries

Sprains and Strains


This course is an excellent First Aid Training package to gain invaluable knowledge at their own time and pace. It also serves as a superb resource for those with English as a Second Language to equip them with the vocabulary and language skills to pass a practical course and to refresh this vital knowledge on a regular basis. 

This course allows you to learn first aid skills in the confront of your own home. The course is completely unique and a totally new concept in First Aid training allowing you to learn these vital skills when it suits you. The course consists of videos, step by step guidance, diagrams, internet links and downloadable pdfs to appeal to all learning styles.

The course is well structured and for each topic you receive a clear explanation as to what has happened and why you should help in a particular way.


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