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Nicky Wong

Learn how to master Stacked Area charts with Chart JS / ChartJS / Charts JS. Something that is normally not possible.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create a stacked area chart with Chart JS from scratch!
  • Modify the stacked area chart and apply own color styles
  • Understand how to use Chart JS
  • Able to visualize data in professional stacked area charts

    Skills you will learn

    Big Data, Coding, Compensation, Data visualization, HTML, JavaScript, Library, Organization, Professional, Video

    About this course


    Stacked Area chart with Chart JS


    In this course you will learn how to create a stacked area chart from scratch! The web is changing and new skills are in huge demand! One of these skills is data visualization for the web. How good are you in visualizing data into chart on the web?

    Many people prefer the easy road. Just make it in Excel and post the picture on the web. Very easy but not very beneficial nor professional. Companies are realizing that websites is one of the best places to share data and to create dashboards.

    Because of this companies need skillful chart makers for the web! This skill will keep on growing and is in huge demand! In this course you will learn how to create your own stacked area chart with one of the best JavaScript library named Chart JS.


    What can you expect from this course?


    This course is designed for everyone who want to create a chart for the web but have no knowledge about it. It might be useful to have some HTML and CSS knowledge but even without you can do it!

    This course teaches you in a very easy bite size manner. You will start making a stacked area chart in minutes just by following along with every video. Each video handles one line of coding. This method makes sure you really can follow along and avoid any kind of mistakes. You cannot fail with this if you follow the video.

    You will also understand the background and meaning of the codes. Learning how to code is just like learning a language. You need to know first the meaning of the words. Once you understand it you will be able to create your own charts. I explain every piece of code we use! So at the end you can fluently create a stacked area chart.


    How structured is this course?


    This course works with the spoon feeding method. This basically means you will handle one piece of code everytime. Starting to code can be hard if we instantly handle 10 piece of code at once. The best way to learn is with baby steps for, after walking and finally running!

    This course makes sure you know what to do and how to do it and why you do it. Once you learned the skill you will notice that create charts is really easy.


    Course set up and section:


    • In the first section you will get an overview and download the right files.
    • The second section handles the basic setup of HTML, Chart JS and JavaScript.
    • In the third section you will learn how to create the stacked area chart
    • In the fourth section you will start to design the stacked area chart with colors that you want.
    • In the fifth section you will learn how to unlock and use the advanced features for the stacked area chart.


    Why take this course?


    The biggest question you might have is this. First of all this course will teach you in such an easy manner how to create a stacked area chart in Chart JS. Video is the best way to learn because you can follow along and understand it. Finally, the real value of this is that many companies are paying data visualizers a huge salary. Why??

    Data visualizers have the ability to translate Big Data into a chart. This wonderful talent is a real time saver. With Big Data we experience an extreme overdose of data overload. The best medicine for this overdose is the use of charts! Charts save time and can translate data that takes hours to read into consuming it in only seconds! Charts is a super weapon! Learning this skill means real values for a company and an increase pay raise! So do not learn this skill for me but for you and get that pay raise!

    Take this course right away!


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