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Julia Williams

A step by step guide to get you started learning Tai Chi: improve your balance and find inner calm!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Complete a short Tai Chi routine.
  • Theory of use and different techniques.
  • Practical techniques for joints and regions of body.

    Skills you will learn

    Artificial Intelligence, Directing, Make up, Professional, Teaching, Video

    About this course

    A step by step guide to get you started learning Tai Chi.  Improve your balance and find inner calm. This course is for anyone who has been wanting to learn Tai Chi, but can't get to lessons or finds the instructor goes too quickly for them. 

    You will improve your balance beyond measure and directing your mind onto the exact ways in which you are changing your balance and moving your body, acts to sooth and calm your mind: mindfulness and meditation.

    Guang Ping Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Part 1, Movements 1 to 12)

    Welcome to Tai Chi for Absolute Beginners.  My name is Julia Williams and I am an osteopath and naturopath.  I have taught this sequence of Tai Chi movements to clients and patients over the last 20 odd years and find it invaluable as part of helping rehabilitate from back pain or other injuries or simply as a meditation and mindfulness method.

    Even just the very first movement in the sequence, which takes just a few minutes to start learning, is a complete exercise in body awareness and balance in its own right.  I strongly recommend, that even if you don’t think you want to learn the whole Tai Chi sequence, that you go to that first video and learn Strike Palm, Ask for Blessings.  It’s available free as a preview and I would love for you to learn and practise that movement; I know it will bring huge benefits to your body, mind, energy and life!

    As I said, I am an osteopath, not a Tai Chi professional.  I have not spent years studying under a Tai Chi master and I am sure that my technique is not perfect, but I find that an advantage in teaching Absolute Beginners.  I know from my own, and from client’s experiences, that many learning resources for Tai Chi are not easy for an absolute beginner or for those of you with injuries or disabilities, or without that elusive natural ability to learn exercises or dance steps that other’s find effortless! Or even that you just have one of those excessively busy lives that preclude regular classes.

    Classes also often cater for several abilities and you can find yourself struggling to follow the movements.  Or you learn the movements, but without capturing the true essence of Tai Chi: the movement of awareness and energy.

    In the videos that make up this course, I aim to take you through the movements step by step, feeling that essence of awareness and energy right through from the first few minutes.  

    At the end of the lessons, you will find several complete practice sequences as well as a practice session recorded in slow motion.

    I hope you enjoy your experiences!  See you in Strike Palm to Ask for Blessings.


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