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Architecture, Book Writing, Documentation, Project Management, Technical Writing, User Experience Design, Writing

About this course

Are you a technical writer who have hard time figuring out how to create graphics and images that help the user of the documentation? Are you looking for a way to deliver the information in a simple to understand, visual way?

In this course I am going to show you how simple and easy it is to create graphics and images to guide your users. No complicated tools! No special software that requires weeks to get started!

Just simple strategies and free tools that help you deliver the visual information in a matter of minutes with no special preparations.

My name is Jordan Stanchev. I have several years of experience in technical writing, information architecture, and project management of user assistance projects. I am also a teacher in technical writing at the University.

When I was first starting off as a technical writer, I remember how frighting it sounded to me - "Create a Graphic, Jordan! Be Visual".

I was looking over the shoulders of my colleagues in UX and design teams feeling scared and reluctant to admit that I have no clue how to create the damn graphic?! I am not a web designer after all, but a technical writer! So, please, please, give me something to write for! But not drawings! I am not an artist, you know...

Fast forward several months later...

I know that creating an instructional image or a graphic for the software documentation is simple and easy task. There are tools dedicated to that purpose, where the web designers have already created templates with the images your customers would use to better understand a concept or a task. It is so simple to create a graphic that I am widely smiling when I spot documentation that needs a graphic. I know that it is so easy to add one!

You can do that too! 

Join me in my course on how to make graphics for the software documentation and make your customer happy simple and easy to understand graphics and images!


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