2.5 hours







Gary Schroeder

Rooted in Science but Battle Tested in Real Life

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The the ideas needed to accomplish great things
  • Understand why communication means everything for success
  • Know exactly the right mindset needed to achieve what you want
  • Implement the most effective habits of the top successful people on the planet
  • Understand who to truly be a person of action
  • How to create a true north star to guide you through the darkness
  • Answer the 3 most important questions required before begining any great endeavor

    Skills you will learn

    Communication, Goal Setting, Motivation

    About this course

    Have you ever been so inspired, motivated, and exciting about a change you want to make in your life? 

    Perhaps you wanted to...

    ....Start an online business

    ....Lose those last 10 pounds...or, the first 20

    ...Be more loving to your spouse and children

    ...Build a digital product

    ...Break into a new industry

    ...Learn a new skill

    But...after just a few short days, you find yourself uninspired, unmotivated, and discouraged by your lack of progress?

    Why does this happen?

    Why does it seem so hard to accomplish the goals, results, and outcomes that we know we are capable of achieving? 

    Let's think about the two most common ways people go about making a change:

    #1 - Relying on Motivation (Emotion)

    Motivation is great but it is like the wind, it's hard to know where it comes from and it leaves at completely unpredictable times.

    Long-term change cannot rely on motivation alone. 

    If motivation isn't the answer, what is?

    #2 - Relying on "digging deep" (Will)

    Ah, discipline. 

    The problem with discipline alone is that it relies on the power of the will. 

    The will is a muscle and can get tired. And like all muscles...when it gets tired, it gets weak. 

    We need a 3rd Option

    We need an option whose foundation is based on behavioral psychology but also one that has been battle tested through experience of some of the most successful people on the planet. 

    To get the long-term change we want, we have to go deeper than emotion and will, we have to go to the mind. 

    The mind is the root, and that's where we must go to get long-term change. 

    Everything that we have, are, and can be starts with our mind--it starts with the inward. The outward is an expression of this inward reality. 

    If the inward condition is weak, no matter how much outward "scaffolding" we put up, we are determined to fail. 

    The inward is so important. 

    But the inward without the outward is abstract. I don't deal with abstracts very well. I like the concrete, the tangible. 

    That's why our steps are closely divided into these two categories. 

    We start with the inward:

    Step 1 - Ideas

    Step 2 - Communication

    Step 3 - Beliefs (or, Mindset)

    And then move to the outward:

    Step 4 - Habits

    Step 5 - Action


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