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Learn how to Forgive through Science, Spirituality and Energy Healing

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Through Science & Spirituality, learn about the benefits of Forgiving
  • Forgiveness is a universal concept
  • Learn energy healing techniques
  • Learn deep breathing techniques
  • Experience a special guided meditation on Forgiveness
  • Learn about the importance of Unconditional Love
  • Through forgiveness, experience a happy, healthy & balanced life
  • Receive a distant energy healing session

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Concentration, Research

    About this course

    If you want to experience good health, happiness and a balanced life, you have to make use of the power of forgiveness! This is a universal concept that has been emphasized throughout the history of mankind. Doctors, scientists, philosophers and enlightened masters have all emphasized on how essential it is to forgive. Forgiveness and Unconditional Love have many different aspects to it, it's an art that takes time to learn. This program offers the basic tools and foundation to help start your journey towards forgiveness and love. Through scientific research and universal spiritual teachings, you will learn about the life changing benefits of forgiveness.


    ***** TESTIMONIAL*****

    Thank you so much for this course. This course has reaffirmed many of my beliefs and ideas about spirituality. I would recommend this to anyone, both a self-started and a advanced spiritual learner. The course is self-paced and provides many examples. It definitely helps how the instructor paces the lectures, they are not rushed. For me personally, the graphics and pictures have helped with meditating. The visualization meditation is also very straightforward, not demanding at all and designed for everyone with again specific focus to learn to forgive. It’s an amazing bonus to have a distant healing session included, usually these cost extra. The course is not demanding but covers a lot and yet not at all overwhelming. Not only do I recommend the course but also contacting the instructor for further reference to progress and work on the spiritual growth.

    Iveta Lewis



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