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Lorraine Arams

A powerful, simple system to help small business people with easy paper and electronic document storage and retrieval

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create a simple, powerful filing system for your small business
  • Learn a great system for your desk too
  • Find what you need when you need it - paper or electronic
  • Understand how changes affect your system
  • Learn 3 systems in this course - all of them will certainly help you if you use them

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Organization, Self-Confidence

    About this course

    This course is directed at small business people who are having trouble with managing their documents - especially document retrieval.

    They're not alone.

    "Time spent mishandling paperwork detracts from a company's ability to service customers, increase sales, and improve the bottom line. Small Business Administration

    "The average office spends $20 in labor to file each document, $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document, loses one out of every 20 documents and spends 25 Hours recreating each lost document" Price Waterhouse Coopers

    According to the Gartner Group:

    "400 is the number of hours per year the average employee spends searching for documents."

    "The average document is copied 19 times."

    Why? No system that works for everyone and the system is not controlled by the owner.

    The problem is accentuated when the money they earn depends on collecting and using collected information and data to provide results to their clients. Small business people get so frustrated that the stress mounts more and more. Their self-confidence takes a hit and soon, they wonder if they can ever get organized enough to be really effective in their business.

    This course teaches how to create a solid foundation in a filing system designed as the learner progresses through the course.

    Step by step, the small business person will put a system together which suits the way they think about their business, how they understand their business and how they recognize words.

    Based on an alphabetical system, over the course, the learner will complete a system that works for both paper and electronic - a special magical formula that is so simple and straight forward, it will be "unreal".

    Not only will the small business person create a sound filing system but the course will also show them how to keep their desk clear.

    The bonus is a special tip that, if adopted, helps to prevent the mounting piles of paper in the first place and the multitude of information on their computer.

    Everything is included in the course including which equipment will be required, how to label, and what to do in the event that the small business person has employees.

    If, as a small business person, you're frustrated with your inability to manage your documents, then this is the course for you. If you follow through, you'll be able to find your documents in both paper and electronic formats quickly and easily.


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