5.5 hours






learn the Basics of Kotlin Language and after finishing this course you will be able to build apps by Android studio

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The basics of kotlin language that will make him use Android studio to build mobile apps easily
  • Use intellij IDEA to write code effectively and professionally
  • Understand the differences between Java and Kotlin and why kotlin is better
  • How use the intellij IDEA to build programs

    Skills you will learn

    Android, Java, Programming

    About this course

    • -This course has been done for everyone want to begin in programming  with kotlin programming language, whether have programming  experience or beginner and this in easy and fast way with simple examples about every the  lectures

    • - this course explains the basics of kotlin and how use the intellij IDEA to write  programs

    • -After this course you will be able to use android studio and using it to build applications


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