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Understanding Economics

Expected learning & outcomes

  • 15 masterclasses and 1 hour and more of content
  • You will learn the birth of the euro and its compelling path lasted more than thirty years
  • You will learn how the introduction of the Euro was a major step forward in European integration

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Economics, Integration

    About this course

    In this masterclass we will see the birth of the single European currency in the tale of one of the protagonists of contemporary economics, Nobel laureate Robert Mundell.

    In January 1999 the euro officially came into effect, which now interests 18 countries and more than three hundred million people. A thorough look into the journey of the single European currency, from the beginnings to the financial crisis of recent years, the risks and challenges of the near future.

    From literature to economics, art to philosophy, EdooTv gives voice to the world's leading experts, describing and sharing ideas and knowledge that are essential for all of us.


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