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Ruben Merre

Learn step by step how to build a high quality dividend portfolio from scratch and ultimately achieve financial freedom!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Confidently build your own high quality dividend growth portfolio from scratch!
  • Profoundly understand why dividend growth investing can make you insanely rich
  • Get to know, understand and apply all relevant characteristics that make a high quality dividend growth company
  • Get to know, understand and apply the techniques to protect your portfolio from downside risk
  • Access to several case studies, lists with the best high quality companies, attractive ETFs, portfolio tracking tools, research material etc.
  • > 50 quiz questions to test your knowledge
  • A semi-automated tool that results in a preliminary investment worthiness consideration, in < 1 minute (looking for and filling in data points included!)
  • What you can do when you don’t have much time to bother with looking for good investment opportunities: alternatives!
  • How to monitor your portfolio & how to know when to rebalance and/or sell
  • Proof!
  • Lifetime access so you can easily review material, learn at your own pace, and continue learning new material!
  • At the end of this course, you will be a very advanced dividend growth investor

    Skills you will learn

    Automation, Investments, Organization, Profitability, Research, Strategy, Teaching

    About this course

    Last update: June 2017

    Join over 2700 delighted students from over 110+ countries, already enrolled in this top rated Udemy "BESTSELLER" investment course! Over 100 reviews with an average score of 4,8/5!

    What students are saying in their review (you can find these quotes back in the reviews):

    • "One can get started creating a portfolio and feel secure that they are making the right investments immediately after taking this course." (student S. Vazquez)
    • "After attending this course, I feel so much more confident in investing in the stock market! The method taught here is as close to a sure-win strategy as one could get! Money well-spent!" (student Y. Chenfeng)
    • "I probably have read over 50 investing books in the last two years including 12 on dividend investing. I find your course to be as complete a compilation of all that I learned from those 12 books and also easy to sit through." (student L. Wilson)
    • "Very nicely done, extremely informative and good enough for beginners or seasoned investors looking for new ways to invest." (student G. Barnhart)
    • "So far this course is of exceptional quality. The information is relayed with great transparency but what really stood out was the additional resources that will come with the tuition." (student R. Horner)


    About the course

    Companies that pay a dividend and that have a long & consistent track record of raising those dividends year in year out (“aka dividend growth stocks”), have been historically proven to be an incredibly successful investment strategy. This strategy even outperforms, hence beats, the overall stock market, something that the majority of fund managers fails to do.

    In this course you will find everything you need to know, from the basics all the way through to a step by step guide to building your own dividend growth portfolio from scratch. You can start this course as a beginner, and finish it as a well prepared and advanced dividend growth investor, ready to - or already right in the middle of - build(ing) your own portfolio.

    The most difficult thing with investing is knowing where to start:

    • What should you invest in?
    • Why?
    • When?
    • What should you do if the stock price goes down?
    • When do you have to sell?
    • How can you earn above average returns consistently over time

    This course aims to answer all those questions and is therefore built up into several sections:

    • Introduction to the course: short summary of everything you will learn in this course
    • Proof: don’t just take my word for it, but let the research, historical performance of dividend growth stocks and my own portfolio results do the convincing
    • Introduction to dividends: all the basics you should ever know about dividends
    • Why would YOU want to become a dividend growth investor: once again, I thoroughly address why dividend growth investing is the strategy to follow and how it can actually make you insanely rich over time
    • Step by step guide to building your own portfolio: theory
    • Step by step guide to building your own portfolio: practice
    • Monitoring your dividend portfolio & knowing when to sell

    In just 5,5 hours time, you can master this entire topic thanks to this condensed course!

    And of course, I'll be here anytime you like to answer your tough questions!


    More student reviews:

    • "I have already recommended this course to my family. This course delivers exactly what it promises. It has helped me find safe yet profitable investments. The DIW spreadsheet is amazing. (student B. Murray)
    • "I began reading about dividend growth investing on blogs and other free resources. This course brought together all the concepts with clarity, and gave me an actionable plan to start building my first dividend growth portfolio. - Clear teaching style - Well-researched content and slides - Comprehensive overview of the concepts and theory - Gives an understanding of how it all fits together - Actionable tools such as investment spreadsheet - The instructor is very responsive to questions." (student K. S.)
    • "Extremely well put together course on a subject I knew nothing about. The instructor lays out excellent reasons (with proof) why you should build a dividend portfolio. This is followed by detailed instructions and what to look for when researching any company you wish to invest in. Highly recommended course." (student S. Bhadresa)


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