2.5 hours







Madison Kelly

Understanding the Foundation of using Astrology to better manage your day to day life.

Expected learning & outcomes

Understand the core concept of using Astrology to manage your day to day life

About this course

If you are at the very first stages of learning all you can about Astrology and would like to dive into some simple, fun and foundational level of information about the practice, then this course is perfect for you to experience.

We are going to cover how to use Astrology as a practical tool in order to maintain your daily life. This course will not show you how to predict your future but it will explain how you can prepare for the life ahead of you by recognizing astrological patterns and trusting your own intuition.

By the end of the course, you will know way more about how to manage your year to come.

We will define how to utilize the specific design of your houses, planets, signs and aspects as they are in your chart  combined with the current, moving location of the planets in the sky to better understand and know the possible directions your life can take and how to make them happen. 

If you want to start building a life that you know is right for you, then let's start this course! 

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