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Kamlesh Thakur

A Simple Guide to Effective Time Management & Goal Setting, Increasing Focus & Concentration & Overcoming Failures

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand the Fundamental Need for better Time Management
  • Learn & Apply the Two Crucial Components for Success with Time Management on a Daily Basis
  • Learn Simple Goal Setting Guidelines that can be put in Practice Consistently
  • Create Task Lists in an Effective and Simple Way that makes it easier to Stick to it
  • Know how to Prioritize Things that need to be done, Based on their Importance and Value
  • Pick and Choose tools that will make Managing Time Easier
  • Create Optimal Schedule of Tasks while Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Time Management
  • Effectively Monitor and Measure Self Progress on a Periodic Basis
  • Identify Major Momentum Killers and Ways to Defeating it
  • Exponentially increase Focus and Concentration using 2 Powerful Techniques Rarely Taught
  • Continuously Follow up on plans and consistently take action
  • Handling Distractions and Improve Collaboration
  • Finding your motivation and staying motivated - Longer than you've ever been

    Skills you will learn

    Asking Questions, Coaching, Collaboration, Concentration, Consulting, Goal Setting, Motivation, Organization, Project Management, Strategy, Time Management, Travel

    About this course


    Do you feel tired of being Run by Your Day's Priorities in life? 

    Have you ever felt like you have no control over your life and simply had to accept whatever life or others threw at you and just "go with the flow"?

    Are you in your early 20's 30's or 40's and feel like your work day or job dictate the quality of your personal life and relationships?

    Do you often wonder "Is this all I'm capable of doing in this lifetime?" or "What is My True Purpose in Life"? or "What was I born to do beyond just the 9 - 5 Job"? 

    Maybe you're a student in high school or college, and are asking questions on what direction you should go in life? Intimidated by the flurry of advice and pressures of family and friends.

    Do you often wish you'd like to take control of your health, have more time to travel, start a blog or cut a CD or a Radio Show but just can't seem to find the time to sit down, plan and set things in motion?

    Do you have a list of Passion Projects or Creative Things you'd Love to work on outside of your job or work life - But simply dont know how to make time for it? Or may be you have the time and dont know how or WHERE to begin?

    Are you someone who find it difficult to keep your attention levels up for a longer period of time? Do you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD)?

    If you answered YES to any of the above - You need not worry. You are Not Alone!

    Hi My Name is Kamlesh (call me Kam) and I am a Program Manager in the Software Industry with a Software and IT Enabled Services background. I am also a Coach and Consultant. Having worked in some the most demanding job roles and high performance companies that shape the world, I have seen first hand at many levels and personally experienced extremely high levels of workplace distraction, dysfunction, haphazard shifting of priorities, rampant work-life imbalance, the resulting impact on one's own personal life or relationship and a client or customer's satisfaction levels, to the ability of an organization to grow and scale above and beyond it's current level.

    But after 15 years of having seen the typical day to day challenges faced by both working professionals in demanding positions or high performance job roles, and companies / employers alike, I resolved to seek out better alternative pathways to achieving outcomes that mattered to both individuals and company's or clients without going insane yourself. 

    After asking thousands of questions to coaches & Gurus, after following numerous Project Management Guidelines and best practices, observing the ways employees at successful & growing companies do things, and after having applied that in my own day to day affairs, I wanted to summarize and share my experiences on what works for both me and those that I have closely worked with while highlighting things that one could / should avoid. 

    These have definitely helped me both at work and in my own personal life. It will work for you as well. It will also help you create your own personalized Productivity & Success Roadmap or Blueprint that you can constantly BUILD ON as you go forward.

     In this course you'll learn:

    • Crushing your resolutions for this year and every year that follows
    • Getting clear on the #1 basis of time management (before adopting any strategy concerning time management)
    • The 3 guiding principles for effective goal setting
    • Dividing & conquering short term & long term goals 
    • Skills to prioritize your goals
    • Simple tools to help you optimize time and manage your tasks effectively
    • How to create a schedule that'll help you better manage your time
    • Pitfalls to avoid with time management
    • Executing your time management plan of action 
    • 1 simple aid to significantly reduce workplace distraction (it's so easily available, it's almost taken for granted. Hint! You may already have this)
    • 2 rarely taught Focus and Concentration building techniques you can implement right away to double your concentration levels
    • Ways to Overcome day to day obstacles
    • Handling failure and rejection and moving past it
    • Effective ways of improving collaboration at the workplace
    • Right ways to track progress
    • Getting and Staying motivated
    • Top productivity drainers and ways to counter them


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