8 hours



Any Level




Brian McLogan

Master everything from sketching angles to graphing trig functions and assess your mastery with quiz questions too.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Over 200 worked out examples explained step by step.
  • Over 30 Worksheets to practice what you are learning
  • Over 10 Quizzes to check your understanding
  • What is trigonometry?
  • Solutions to class 10 and 11 trigonometry questions
  • Sketch and convert angles between radians and degrees
  • Standard position of an angle
  • Determine supplementary, complementary, co-terminal and reference angles
  • Determine the missing values using arc length
  • What are trigonometric function?
  • Evaluate the six trigonometric functions using the unit circle and triangle
  • Graph all six trigonometric functions with transformations
  • Evaluate the inverse trigonometric functions and composition of functions
  • How to find the period of a graph?
  • Sine equation

    Skills you will learn

    Artificial Intelligence, Composition, Confidence, Sketch, Video

    About this course

    How does my course help you understand trigonometry? 

    Whether you are in class 10 or not, learning about trigonometry can be tough. Once you feel you mastered solutions one type of trigonometry problem you get stumped on the next. This course is structured to not leave you behind in the dust.              

    The following are key topics included in this course among many other:

    • Sketching angles in standard position
    • What are trigonometric functions?
    • Evaluating trig functions without a calculator
    • How to graph trigonometric functions?
    • How to find the period of a graph?
    • Sine equations

    I start off each section with basic definitions to help you understand what trigonometry is and trigonometry processes you will need to know moving through the course. I then present two types of videos to you for each skill.

    First is the overview video where I explain the concept as a whole like a typical class. I then work through multiple trigonometry examples such as the standard position of an angle showing you step by step how to complete different types of problems. We both know watching someone do math is not the best way to learn. You have to practice! Each section you are provided with multiple worksheets that includes trigonometry questions to practice your skills, including graphing trig functions, as well as the solutions to check your answers. Revert back to videos if you get stuck and forget how to solve the problems. 

    Once you feel you have a good grasp of your understanding it is time to take your quiz. There are multiple quizzes provided for each section. Take the quizzes as many times as you need to earn 100%. There is no pressure you are here to learn.  By taking this course, you will not only gain a better understanding of trigonometry but you will gain confidence to solve more problems on your own. That is why I created this course. I want students to no longer fear learning math or walking into their math class just because they don't understand. Everyone can learn math. For some it just takes a little longer. Others just need a little boost while some need a course like I designed to guide them through the material. Heck once you complete this course, show your teacher! You deserve an A. I am here for you and by joining this course you are now one of my students just as important to me as the 140 students I teach in the classroom during the school year. So please keep in touch, let me know how I am doing and if there is anything extra I can provide to assist you with your learning of trigonometry.


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