1 hour







Jessica Dove

Learn the basics of twin flame relationships: signs, stages, purpose and what to do when things get hard in separation.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to tell if you have met your twin
  • Learn the real purpose of twin flame relationships
  • Identify the common stages and themese of twin flame relationships
  • Discover the difference between soul mates and twin flames
  • Feel better about their twin flame relationship
  • Understand their twin flame and know that everything is working out even if they aren't together

    About this course

    Have you met someone that you connect with on a different level? 

    Electric chemistry and feels like coming home? 

    Do you feel a spiritual connection with this person? 

    You might have met your twin flame. 

    Here is everything you really need to know. Real life practical advice on a mysterious topic.

    Twin flames are notoriously difficult to manage. Don’t go it alone.

    You’ll feel validated, supported, and confident you can handle anything. I want you to do things differently than I did and to have more fun and be able to move on when you want to. I want it to be less painful for you and not like a war between your head and your heart, but a beautiful, moving experience.


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