2 hours







Manohar V Dansingani

Financial derivatives explained simply. What are they, how to use them & how they are abused.

Expected learning & outcomes

Understand financial derivatives (forwards, futures, options & swaps). Appreciate the power of leverage as well as its destructive ability. Be comfortable with using these tools for hedging as well as trading.

Skills you will learn

Derivatives, Trading, Video

About this course

This is an introductory course on financial derivatives. No prior knowledge of derivatives markets is necessary.

Forwards, futures, options, swaps are explained simply. Each video attempts to explain the logic behind the relevant theories.

Additional matter has been included to supplement the videos. Some advanced material is also included, for the intermediate-level student who wishes to learn more.

There is a short quiz after every video to strengthen your concepts.

"Understanding Financial Derivatives" will explain the power of these financial tools & seek to alert you to the dangers & pitfalls of misuse & abuse of these potent, dangerous financial instruments.

And of course, the Final Exam.....enjoy proving to yourself that you know the subject.

Thank you & Happy Learning.


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