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Amy Norton

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Editorial, Swift, Video, YouTube

About this course

Using PicMonkey to Create Beautiful Youtube Thumbnails! PicMonkey is an awesome, online editor that makes creating Youtube or Skillshare Thumbnails a breeze! I have been using PicMonkey for several years to create Youtube thumbnails and absolutely love it! The program is pretty easy and intuitive to use. In this skillshare class, I take you along as I edit two youtube thumbnails for a series on my channel. In this video, I show how I like to create consistency with my thumbnails for series on my channel. Creating a series can bring in a lot of views and subscribers who are ready for more! I like to pick a color scheme, font, and similar layout for these thumbnails. This creates consistency and your viewers will recognize your videos quicker and associate them with your series. In this video, I am making my purple series thumbnails and keeping a similar theme for each one!

I hope you enjoy this class! I am so excited to share this quick tutorial with you. Let me know down below what you thought of the class and how you like to create your thumbnails! Thanks for watching!


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