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Subhradeep Das

Watercolor Painting - Learn to draw and paint Fruits & Vegetables in 3 easy and effective steps

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to draw Fruits and Vegetables easily and effectively in 3 easy steps.
  • How to do sketching before applying the paint.
  • Identify true colors of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Primary colors and mixing techniques.
  • Master the skill of Light and Shades while painting.
  • How and when to apply different color tones.

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Creativity, Drawing, Sketch

    About this course

    In the mind of every individual there is a masterpiece.

    Unleash your potential of creativity and enjoy the delighted moment of creating amazing Watercolor paintings.

    The beauty of watercolors is delicacy, transparency, imagination, all flow and dissolve into one fluid creation that can express so many emotions.

    Watercolors offer a unique creative freedom that will delight the senses and inspire your mind.

    This course on watercolor painting designed for beginner and intermediate artists.

    On completing this course, students will expertise the Watercolor skill of painting common Fruits and Vegetables, identify and apply colors for the subject, Light and Shade study. This course will provide more confidence on sketching, brush strokes, color mixing and application that will enhance the artistic skill, reduce stress level thus will provide the felling of happiness and satisfaction.

    Now’s the time to start a new creative habit. So, as you’re dreaming of warmer days, bring a little springtime into your life by learning how to paint with Watercolors.

    Remember – “The beginning is always today”.

    Settle in with a cup of coffee at home or set up to paint along at your own pace in the studio, relax and learn new techniques and tips to improve your watercolor skills!

    If, however, you do not enjoy course. No questions asked.


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