1 hour



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Milan Glozic

lessons for beginner and intermediate level students

Expected learning & outcomes

Advance your watercolor technique by thinking out of the box and gain confidence in painting outdoors

Skills you will learn

Arts, Composition, Confidence

About this course

Learn the basics of painting a watercolor landscape, how to use ordinary materials to enhance the look of your work and what it takes to work out in the open, away from your studio. This course aims to overcome these challenges and prepare you for creating beautiful watercolor paintings.

Create a strong foundation for your watercolor painting process regardless of where you’re painting, inside or outside.

  • Gather up materials and set up for painting inside the studio
  • Practice simple exercises with ordinary, household materials
  • Follow step by step instructions for painting a landscape
  • Prepare for painting outdoors
  • Paint outdoors with different subject matters and weather conditions

Start making watercolors with confidence wherever you are.

Learning the basics of water coloring is a great way to improve artistic toolbox. Works you crate can become a great part of your creative career or a passionate hobby. They can be sold as originals or as prints. Excellent choice for a present or a decoration for your home. Finally, you can use them as a reference for a painting done in some other medium. The choice is up to you.

Creating something out of nothing is a very satisfying and in time you’ll achieve more and more confidence in your artistic process. In this course will cover much of it and split it up to easy to follow steps that can only benefit your work.

Content and overview

This course is divided in two main sections, for painting inside the studio and when you’re working outdoors. It is mostly designed for beginners but almost anyone, regardless of experience level, can improve their skills by the end of it.

First, we’ll look at the materials that you can use in your studio and how to arrange them. It is very good to have them all within your reach but not making the working area too messy.

Practice is the key ingredient for everything that you do. Same applies for watercolors. Here we’ll cover the simple exercises that can come in handy later when you start making landscapes. Also it is a great way to get familiar with materials and how to use them for maximum effect.

Next up you’ll have a full step by step process of painting a watercolor landscape with all the instructions that I could muster. Follow it and create your own work.

Painting outdoors is different than working in the studio and that is what we will cover in the second part of the course. I’ll share with you my experience, prepare you for the art trip and give you some tips on how to go about it.

Finally, you’ll learn the ways I paint with watercolors out in the open. You will receive tips on finding the right place, time of day to work, how to adjust the composition to fit your vision and practice, practice, practice. J

By the end of the course, you’ll have valuable skills to paint whenever you feel like it, wherever you go. Confidence of exploring different materials in you painting process is something that will come more naturally.  You’ll know how to set up your workplace or what to pack up when you go out. With these lessons, you’ll find that you’re able to paint a great landscape in a short period of time.


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