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Charles Vogan

A complete survey of the Bible. Part 2 (of 3): the history and themes of Israel, and the Wisdom and Prophetic books

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Identify the themes of the Bible
  • List the major steps in Old Testament history

    Skills you will learn

    Surveys, Video

    About this course

    The Beginner’s Bible Survey is an introductory course (intended for the first "semester") on the Bible that, in an easy-to-follow format, presents all the important themes of the entire Bible and ties both Old and New Testaments into one story. There is a wealth of information here for those who are interested in where the Bible came from, the history of Israel, the beginnings of the Church, and even the Bible’s description of the end of time. It's a “fundamentals” survey, which means that anyone from high school level upwards will be able to benefit from it.

    It is non-denominational, it is not sermons – it’s simply approaching the data of the Bible as a textbook, according to the way the Bible presents itself.

    Included within Part Two of the Survey is:

    The historical books of the Old Testament:
    • Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan
    • The story of the Redeemer in Ruth
    • King David's 5-Point Plan
    • The Temple of God

    The Wisdom books

    • The secret to answered prayer
    • the wisdom of Israel

    Major themes:

    • The Priest and his service
    • The Prophets of Israel

    Each lesson consists of an informative and engaging video in which the instructor walks you through the concepts, carefully explaining what the ideas are and what they mean for the message of the Bible. Along with the video, you can download the appropriate section of the textbook Mystery Revealed: A Beginner’s Bible Survey, the original text written by the instructor. Then each lesson provides a quiz covering the material in the video lecture, designed to help summarize and enhance your understanding of the concepts.

    Your understanding of the Bible, and the God that it describes, will suddenly become fuller and richer after covering this course!

    (The instructor's Part One course covered the background and overview of the Old Testament, and the Part Three course follows this one and covers the NT)


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